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Mount Hood Glows Out My Plane Window


The white and black planes of Mount Hood appeared from my window on an Alaska Airlines plane as we approached for landing at the Portland Airport.  Usually the mountain is a brilliant white, clothed in snow, and it was a shock to me to see it with so much snow gone from it.

The mountain’s condition just goes to show that the lack of precipitation and the abundance of heat we are experiencing in SoCal does extend up the entire Pacific Coast.  In fact, for about the past three weeks, Seattle and Portland have logged in higher temperatures than Los Angeles.

July 5th, 2015 · Pacific Northwest

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Local Berries Offered at Portland Fast Food Place

Burgerville window in Tigard, Oregon

Burgerville window in Tigard, Oregon

When strawberries were ripe in the fields around Portland, Oregon, in early June, you could enjoy a strawberry shortcake made with local berries at a Burgerville fast food restaurant.  Yum!  I visited Portland again in late June after the major strawberry season had wound down, and found that the fast food chain was then offering shakes made with local raspberries.

Another surprise for me came when I ordered a kid’s fish and chips meal at Burgerville.  Did I receive a plastic toy that would break in 5 minutes?  No!  With my meal was a packet of non-GMO yellow squash seeds!

Way to go Burgerville!  It made me realize that Ventura County is such a natural place for promoting local fruit and produce, too.  I would love to see signs at Conejo Valley fast food places, advertising menu items made with local berries or onions or oranges or avocados…


July 5th, 2015 · Conejo Valley, Green, Ventura County

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Granddaughter Graduates from High School


The students in their robes of gold or black started processing on to the Oak Park High School football field for their graduation ceremony last evening, as the school orchestra played “Pomp and Circumstance.”   Of course, I was dabbing my eyes with a tissue as I waited to see my eldest grandchild, Alexa, pass in front of the bleachers where I was sitting with other family members.

The ceremony was beautiful and I was moved, and very proud to be witnessing a first passage into adulthood for so many students, especially my granddaughter.  Congratulations, Alexa!


June 12th, 2015 · Education, Oak Park

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Luv the Guv and His Talk on Water and the California Drought

A full Lake Oroville in fall, 2013, before drought.  Major source of local water.

A full Lake Oroville in fall, 2013, before drought. Major source of local water.

Governor Jerry Brown was so eloquent and smart in his talk with L.A. Times publisher Austin Beutner at USC that was broadcast on KCET Wednesday night!

Dealing with establishing policies to conserve water during California’s most severe drought on record can weigh heavy on a person.  I have found that happening to me in going over courses of action to cut water use by over 30% at Oak Park Water Service.  I am working on this because I serve as an elected board member of Triunfo Sanitation District which owns and operates OPWS.

What we deal with on the board is crafting the details of how to make a water use reduction happen locally.  What Governor Brown looked at in this talk was the big picture of water use in California, including climate change, population trends and protecting endangered species.  He also explained so well why SoCal needs water conveyance under the Sacramento Delta to ensure a continued long term potable water supply.

His talk was inspiring to me and I invite you to watch it at this KCET link:


June 11th, 2015 · California, Oak Park, Triuinfo Sanitation District, Water Issues

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Unidentified Drops of Liquid on Tree Leaves


OK, it is raindrops on the leaves of my ficus tree!  However, it has been so long since our last rain shower in the Conejo Valley, that I thought a little joke was in order.

Joke aside, it is so wonderful to have the rain showering down, even if it is just a little bit.  I am praying for more!


June 9th, 2015 · Conejo Valley

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Econerd Says That Perhaps the Oak Park School District Should Improve Parking by Mae Boyar Park

Oak trees in parking lot at Mae Boyar Park in Oak Park.

Oak trees in parking lot at Mae Boyar Park in Oak Park.

Econerd comments on the proposed Mae Boyar building and parking lot expansion and update:

“You have to admit that the existing parking lot (the 28 spaces at Mae Boyar Park) is pretty useless. Bad design with few spots for the amount of space that it uses. I’m not saying that the building needs to be bigger but an update is certainly warranted.

And have  you ever tried to park in the neighborhood when there are games going on during the weekends (at fields at Brookside School)? I’m guessing that some residents would appreciate more parking at the site instead of the endless circling and driveway blocking to find a spot for soccer, or tennis or just using the play equipment.

But with that thought, maybe the school district should do something about parking since it is their facilities that draw the crowd.”

June 8th, 2015 · Conejo Valley, Education, Oak Park, Outdoors

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Proposed Update of Mae Boyar Park Shows Parking Lot Triple the size of Existing One and Taking Out Oak Trees


Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks Department presented a proposal to double the size of the club house/community center at Mae Boyar Park in Oak Park to the Oak Park Committee in April.  The OP Committee interfaces with RSRPD staff and board of directors because Oak Park does not have the population to elect an RSRPD board member.
The old community center is 1,000 square feet, and in this time of tight budgets, RSRPD has preliminary plans showing a 2,000 square foot structure.  Of course, increasing the size of the building requires that parking spaces be added according the code.  Instead of approximately 28 parking spaces, the preliminary plan shows over 70 spaces.


Here is a mockup from the district, using an aerial photo of the existing park with overlays for the proposed larger building and parking lot, shown in red lines.  The new plan would take out so many trees!  The trees that would have to be removed include five beautiful and mature Holly Oak trees in the existing center circle of the parking lot.  And I am only looking at the tree removal at this point, and not yet focusing on the probable increased traffic in and out of the lot from Conifer Street, adding an extra burden to the neighborhood.

Oak trees in parking lot at Mae Boyar Park in Oak Park.

Oak trees in parking lot at Mae Boyar Park in Oak Park.

Thoughts on the Mae Boyar Park update:  Let’s keep the existing building footprint of 1000 square feet for the new community center.  Therefore, the parking lot could stay the same size!  Interestingly, this oldest park in Oak Park is the only park that has a small community center on it…if more space is needed for meetings in the community, why not build another one in one of the other parks?

More posts on this later.  Sorry to be so Oak Park-centric, it just seems that there are threats to mature trees in this unincorporated part of Ventura County right now and trees are part of what makes Oak Park a charming place to live.  Let’s not remove any, just to add parking spaces that would encourage additional unwanted traffic in a residential area.

Please note, the Oak Park Committee will be considering this in a public meeting on July 9th at 7:00 PM at the community center at Mae Boyar.  Please come to the meeting!

Here is a link to an article in The Acorn by Sylvie Belmond: Plans to update Mae Boyar Park

June 6th, 2015 · Oak Park, Outdoors, Uncategorized, Ventura County

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Sometimes It Feels Like Life Crashes Into You!

The title is a poetic way of saying that I was rear-ended on the 101 Freeway last Sunday.  Personally, I don’t recommend the experience unless one is totally committed to experiencing a full gamut of what life has to offer!  I don’t think I had that commitment, but it happened anyway.

In addition to being on the receiving end of two forward-moving cars behind me, I feel that I was also on the receiving end of an abundance of grace.  One good thing was that there was a CHP officer on the scene when the crash happened, so he could immediately give everyone instructions and take statements.  Another good thing was that I could drive still drive my car.

For your information, I am under the care of a physician, and I don’t want to make further comment on the accident.  Just wanted to let you know that I won’t be posting for a while.

Wishing you all safe and uneventful driving!

June 6th, 2015 · Meditations

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