I moved to the Conejo Valley in 1997, living in Westlake Village for two years before moving to Oak Park.  In 2002, I joined the campaign to save Ahmanson Ranch in Calabasas from development.  It was a happy day for me in the fall of 2003 when it was announced that the State had bought the Ahmanson property for parkland.

I then started attending Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) meetings and that led me to form the Oak Park Landscape Committee in 2005 with others.  Our goal was to coordinate landscaping with Ventura County Public Works.

Outreach at the Westlake Village Rotary Street Fair

Outreach at the Westlake Village Rotary Street Fair

In 2006, I ran for public office for the first time, campaigning for a seat on the Triunfo Sanitation District board and was elated to win. I am in my third term of service on the Triunfo board, where we oversee wastewater treatment for 30,000 in east Ventura County and own and operate Oak Park Water Service.

Extending the use of recycled water has been something I strongly work for on the board, because doing that reduces our need for imported Sacramento Delta water.  At least 20% of the total water used in Oak Park is recycled, which is an outstanding amount compared to other water districts.

I also think it so important that we have a dialog going in the community over our water supply challenges, including how to stretch our personal water use.  That is why I started a Facebook page, “Let’s Talk Water,” this spring.  You are invited to check out the page and comment, and do the same at my blog, www.ConejoPost.com.

And here we are.  I am asking for your vote to represent you on the Calleguas board. I want to be your voice at Calleguas to ensure that we continue to have water for tomorrow as well as today!

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Why There is Not a “Bring Your Cat to Work” Day


A month ago, I adopted 2 beautiful Siamese cats.  Saki is 5 years old and Poppy is 4 months.  They have enriched my life so much and are constantly entertaining, unless they are napping, of course, and then they are just beautiful.

When I am working on the computer or at another desk, they want to be part of the action, and I must admit, I don’t find this particularly entertaining.   However, I did find it cute enough to take this photo of Saki sitting on my desk chair.  At least he is not sitting on the stack of papers on my desk!

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Agoura Hills’ Kanan Road and 101 Freeway on a Typical Summer Saturday

Looking west toward the 101 Freeway overpass on Kanan Road

Looking west toward the 101 Freeway overpass on Kanan Road

I am not sure whether or not it took 4 traffic light rotations or 5 to get from the entrance to Hillrise to the 101 Freeway onramps around noon today.  Either way, it took me way too long!

Is there anyone besides me who wants the Kanan Road and Agoura Road intersection IMPROVED so that it is not a bottleneck every summer weekend?

On Kanan Road, just after Canwood Road intersection, heading west.

On Kanan Road, just after Canwood Road intersection, heading west.

Now, drivers from the San Fernando Valley heading to Malibu’s Zuma beach take the 101 Freeway exit at Kanan Road.  Then they try to turn left to get on Kanan and cross the overpass, and clog up the intersection.  And it just gets worse at the Kanan Road and Agoura Road intersection when it goes from 2 lanes to one heading west!

“Powers-That-Be,” whom I think is the Agoura Hills City Council – please do something!

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Boy with Binoculars in Santa Monica


Here’s lookin’ at ya!  What a great and unexpected mural on a wall that faces an alley running into Wilshire Boulevard by Sixth Avenue in Santa Monica!

Even the reflection of what the boy is looking at shows in the lens of the binoculars.  I love finding whimsy and surprises in the course of a day…

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Malibu Feed Bin


Each time I drive by the Malibu Feed Bin, I am fascinated by the signs and the casual furniture displayed outside. Yet, I have never visited the store, which is located where Topanga Boulevard deadends into the Pacific Coast Hiway (PCH).  I am always in a rush to get to Santa Monica or to return home.  One of these days I will visit!  Have you?

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A Stand-Up Addition to the Shoppes at Westlake Mall


I like to spot rabbits when I am walking in my Oak Park neighborhood.  It always makes me smile to see to see one of those little brown “conejos” sitting in someone’s yard till I get close, and then hopping away fast with their little white tails bobbing along.


Well, I got to see another kind of rabbit last week – a tall rabbit statue at the Shoppes at Westlake.  This rabbit has a fancy Italian name, “Coniglio al Tramonto,” translated as “Rabbit at Sunset.”  And, instead of a brown coat, it is painted in soft pastels and stands behind a fountain.  This rabbit makes me smile, too, with its whimsy.  I guess you could say, “It is hopping to go shopping!”

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I am Running for a Board Seat at Calleguas Municipal Water District


It is official – I am a candidate for the Calleguas MWD board in the November election!  I filed documents last week and took the oath at the County Elections Division to defend the U.S. and State of California Constitutions.

I am running because I want to make sure that we have water in SoCal for today AND tomorrow.  Calleguas is the place to do that because it is the water wholesaler for all the smaller retail water agencies in southeast Ventura County and serves approximately 600,000 residents.

If elected, I would serve folks living in the Conejo Valley and Wood Ranch in Simi Valley.  The smaller retail agencies in this district are California Water Service, the City of Thousand Oaks Public Works, California-American Water Company, Oak Park Water Service, Ventura County Water Works (VCWW) District 38 in Lake Sherwood, and VCWW District 8 in Wood Ranch.

Want to help on my campaign? I would welcome your help!  Please comment on this post (I won’t print it) and I will email you back.

And if you are on Facebook, please check out my pages, Janna Orkney for Calleguas, and  Let’s Talk Water.  I would appreciate you liking them, too.  Also, I will be getting my website up shortly at www.VoteForJanna.com and go into water issues in detail there.

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A Crane on Kanan Road


I should say, a “Really big crane” was on Kanan Road by Westlake Boulevard in the North Ranch area of Thousand Oaks today!  It seemed very tall as I drove around it.  What job was the crane working on?  Not sure, but it must have been a “really big job.”

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