The Recycled Water Fill Station Still Open at Las Virgenes MWD

Beth Miller, second resident to use the RW fill station

Beth Miller, second resident to use the RW fill station in August, 2015

Even though water use restrictions have loosened at both Oak Park Water Service and Los Virgenes MWD, the recycled water filling station they operate on Saturday mornings is still open.

To use it is simple…first take a short class on using recycled water for irrigation, get a State-required certificate showing you have taken the class, and then come any Saturday, from 8 A.M. to 1 P.M. to fill up.  The class is offered the second Saturday of each month at 9 A.M. at the office building at Rancho Las Virgenes (near where you go to pick up free compost).

Why take advantage of these unique filling station?  Because the water is free, and you could replace imported potable water with it and save on your water bill.  Here is a link for more info:

FYI:  Editor, Janna Orkney, is an elected board member of Triunfo Sanitation District which owns and operates Oak Park Water Service

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Goats Trim Grass on Hillside in Agoura Hills


It is a win-win to have a herd of goats chomp up the dry grass on a dusty hillside in the Conejo Valley.  The goats get food and we get a cleared hillside to comply with fire regulations.

I drove by a car-stopping scene on Thousand Oaks Boulevard Thursday, as 2 men herded  goats down a hill toward their truck and trailer carrier.  I joined a crowd of onlookers as one man on the hill above the goats waved a red flag in the air  and called to three sheepdogs working the herd.  Another man kept moving chicken wire fencing tighter and tighter around the goats, condensing the area where they were free.

I had expected that it would be easy to encourage the goats to move to the trailer, but that was not so!  For instance, some would get to the bottom of the slope by the sidewalk, and then start up the hill again, looking for more grass to eat, while others would just mill around.

I finally carried on with my day, thankful I didn’t have any goats to herd!

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Visiting President Reagan’s Memorial


I find the words written next to President Reagan’s memorial very moving.  I had time to reflect on them last Tuesday when two grandkids and I toured the Reagan Library and then wandered over to the memorial area overlooking Tierra Rejada.

To quote:  “I know in my heart that man is good.  That what is right will always eventually triumph.  And there is purpose and worth to each and every life.”


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Selling Good Stuff at the Beverly Hills High School Graduation

While Beverly Hills High is not in the Conejo Valley, I still want to comment on the school’s graduation program on the morning of May 27th.  My dear granddaughter Alia took was a graduate and I attended.  Of course I loved the program, had tears come to my eyes at the playing of Pomp and Circumstance, and cheered wildly when she collected her diploma.

I was also impressed that there were two tables at the back of the audience area where items were being sold that those attending might want.  One table sold coffee and containers of fresh fruit, and one table sold flowers and mugs in the school’s colors.  Impressive!  The fruit and coffee to make the audience comfortable as we waited for the graduates to file in and the flowers and mugs in case we did not remember to bring something for our graduate.

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Saddened that Sports Authority Stores are Closing


My grandkids and I stopped by the Sports Authority store in the Westlake Promenade yesterday looking for some good deals in their going-out-of-business sale.  One grandchild found some flip flops and one found a skirt – both items good for the summer and traveling, but not yet at true bargain prices.  However, they were name brands and 20% off and the kids were pleased with their purchases.

The photos above were taken 6-13-16 at the other Conejo Valley Sports Authority on Hillcrest in the old Sears building.  That store is closing in a few days and I believe that is why the discounts are greater.

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Will 3 Local Schools Play Musical Chairs – Conejo Valley High School, Horizon Hills and Carden Conejo?


Attend today’s (6-14-16) 3:30 P.M. meeting of the Conejo Valley Unified School District at the district offices and give input or find out the latest.

The plan now is to move the Conejo Valley High School to the campus of the Horizon Hills School, and move those students into the building now leased by the Carden Conejo private school.  Sounds like a whole lot of trauma and upset for students and parents alike, but I have not been following this closely.

Photo of SUV with message taken at The Oak Mall parking lot yesterday.

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Econerd Weighs In on Increased Watering Days for Oak Park


This, from Econerd:

So what did we learn? This was supposed to be the new normal (having water allocations and very restricted irrigation days, Editor). The idea of having restricted irrigation days is a waste in itself. I know that if watering days are MWF my neighbor’s will be running their sprinklers on those days if the plants need it or not. We can all use tools like hydrozoning with microclimates to create efficient landscapes that don’t have to look like deserts or moon landing sites. Know how to check your soil moisture and know the signs of drought stress in your plants. Don’t run the sprinklers just because it’s Monday.
Our family has been restricted to 15 units a month. During the winter and spring months we have been able to get by with a usage of under 6 units per billing cycle (which includes keeping several fruit trees healthy). And no, my garden isn’t a barren landscape. I actually think that it looks pretty awesome filled with birds, bees and butterflies.
With smart meters, the water districts have the ability to monitor usage and should use it accordingly. As I write this, water is running down the gutter in front of my house, the water police are a thing of the past and I’m the only one that seems to care.

Got questions? UC Master Gardeners are there to help.

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Oak Park Water Service Now Allowing Irrigation Three Times A Week


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the new days that outside watering is allowed for customers of Oak Park Water Service, starting on June 1st.  The new rules allow one more day a week than the prior regulations.  Also, customers no longer have to comply with stringent water allocations that were attached to possible fines or increased water costs if not met.

Why did the Triunfo Sanitation District board (which owns and operates Oak Park Water) vote for this change?  It is because the state gave the green light to local agencies to set their own conservation goals.  Then, Metropolitan Water District (MET) relaxed supply for the 19 million people it serves with imported Sacramento-Delta water in SoCal. The  MET board basically said that with their reserves of almost 1 million acre feet, they are not worried about supply this year.

Is this wise?  Hmmm…we are still very much in a drought in SoCal, and the situation for the whole state could turn for the worse this winter.  We will see what the water supply looks like next January.

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