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Oak Park MAC’s Stand on the Kanan Biofilter Project

Looking north from Mae Boyar Park, to Kanan median on east side of street.

Looking north from Mae Boyar Park, to Kanan median on east side of street.

Former Oak Park MAC member Glen Wilcox’ comment made me realize that I did not report on what, if any, action the Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) took on the Kanan biofilter project presented to them by the Ventural County Watershed Protection Agency on Tuesday, night, 3-24.

Unfortunately, this presentation was on the agenda as an Information Item, therefore not subject to a vote.  As we know, the MAC is only an advisory body and has no real decision-making powers.

I understand that in 2014, the MAC voted OK for the Watershed Agency to go ahead and apply for the state money to build a stormwater filtering project in Oak Park, but without being presented with project details.

So, although there was no vote on it, a letter from MAC Chair Alon Glickstein was available at the meeting on this, but I don’t want to definitively report what it said till I find my copy.  I am looking!

March 29th, 2015 · Conejo Valley, Green, Oak Park, Ventura County, Water Issues

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Take Out 30 Trees On Oak Park’s Kanan Road, Or Nix A $1.7 Million “Green” Project?

An evergreen slated for removal if Oak Park biofilter project goes ahead.

An evergreen slated for removal if Oak Park biofilter project goes ahead.

That is the choice, and at the Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council meeting Tuesday, March 26, the overwhelming response of the 50 or so residents there was to save the trees.  These trees line the entrance to Oak Park on Kanan Road, north from Mae Boyar Park, and they act as a visual buffer of the busy thoroughfare for people living there.

Why the dilemma?  Ventura County Watershed Protection Agency has come up with a plan for biofilters, rather like bioswales, except processing a bigger volume of stormwater runoff, to run along the medians on either side of Kanan and the trees are in the way.  Upping the ante, the VC Watershed Agency applied for a State grant for this project to remove bacteria from the stormwater and got funded for $1.3 Million, leaving only $400,000 for the county to come up with.

So, does the VC Board of Supervisors turn down the $1.3 million grant because the planners did not think it a big deal to remove 30 trees in Oak Park, and did not tell the residents about details of this project until a month ago?  Or, do the Supervisors go ahead with this plan of building a very pretty ditch, 12″ to 18″ deep in the median to treat stormwater from Kanan and a number of adjacent streets? [Read more →]

March 29th, 2015 · Conejo Valley, Green, Oak Park, Water Issues

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No More Posts Until Book is Published

Dear Reader,

At the risk of sounding trite, I must say, there are only so many hours in the day!

I would love to be able to post at the CP and get my book, Growing Up With G.I. Joe’s, published, but that is not working right now.  Instead, all my time is going to the publishing and marketing process for the book, and I am looking forward to a publication date this summer, when there should be copies for sale in bookstores and online.

I am assuming my book will mainly be sold in the Pacific Northwest, since that is where the story takes place, but I will also be offering it for sale on my website,, and expecting to have it for sale on, as well.

Not much longer, and I can’t wait!

Janna Orkney, Editor

January 31st, 2015 · Uncategorized

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How Low Can the Temp Go in the Conejo Valley?


I checked where the mercury was on my patio thermometer with amazement.  It showed a temp of 16 degrees at 7:15 this morning!  Also, with the increased moisture in the air compared to a few days ago, frost decorated the rooftops of neighbors’ homes and also the windshield of my SUV.

I know that Oak Park, my little corner of the Conejo, gets colder in the winter than the rest of the valley, but, enough already!

Let’s have the mercury start moving into non-freezing territory in the early morning…

January 3rd, 2015 · Conejo Valley, Oak Park, Outdoors

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Back from Eastern Caribbean Cruise over Christmas


Going on a cruise was one of those things I never thought I would do until last April, when I hopped aboard a Norwegian Line vessel to tour the Mexican Riviera with some family members.  I liked it!  It was such an easy way to experience a day in Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallerta, plus have quality family time.

Well, I boarded a ship again before Christmas…this time on a Royal Caribbean  mega-ship (I heard there were over 6,000 passengers during this holiday cruise) that stopped in Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Martin.  Again, I liked it, along with the family time!

I am glad I did not go so far as to say that I would never take a cruise, because I would have to eat my words.

Above is a photo from shipboard, looking down at the baggage unloading at 7:00 AM, Sunday morning in Fort Lauderdale.  I was fascinated by the choreography of the the drivers of the small Cats, as they wove in and out on the dock, pulling trailers filled with luggage.  I only saw one small collision, when one driver hit the trailer of another and some bags fell on the ground.  Very impressive!


January 2nd, 2015 · Uncategorized

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Under 20 Degrees in a part the Conejo Valley This Morning!


My patio thermometer in Oak Park read 18 degrees when I checked it at 7:00 AM!  I don’t remember seeing (or feeling) an early morning temp below 20 degrees for the past 8 years that I have been checking, so  we are starting off 2015 with some extreme weather for the Conejo.

After reading yesterday’s Ventura County Star’s forecast for freezing temperatures last night, I brought most of my potted plants from the patio into the garage.  However, I did not cover my Darcy Tangerine, Meyer  and Eureka Lemon trees, and hope they won’t have frost damage.

My lone, surviving cherry tree should be quite happy, however, and the temp should help set the fruit for next summer.  If we get more freezes, maybe I won’t have to dump ice cubes around the tree trunk this winter to ensure cherries to harvest, as I have done previous winters.

I hope your part of the Conejo Valley, or elsewhere, is warmer!  In Oak Park, we consistently happen to experience lower low temps and higher high temps than our neighbors.

Happy New Year, and stay warm…

Janna Orkney, Editor


January 1st, 2015 · Conejo Valley, Oak Park, Outdoors

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Getting Sworn in for Four More Years of Service as a Triunfo Sanitation District Board Member


This Fall, it was easy to run for a board seat again at Triunfo Sanitation District.  That is because no candidates stepped up to challenge me or fellow incumbents, Mike McReynolds and Steve Iceland.  So, we were appointed “in lieu” of election by the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.

In the photo, we are getting sworn in by Triunfo Clerk of the Board, Josie Guzman at our board meeting on November 24.

Yes, continuing on the board was much easier this year compared to fall of 2010, when there was a field of 13 running for 3 seats!  Happily, I received more votes than the other candidates by quite a margin back then!  So, I assume it would have been fun to run again this fall and be able to get water and water treatment issues discussed in The Acorn, but sometimes, you just get to take it easy.

Please know that I am grateful for another 4 years!  I will do my best to consider and work for beneficial courses of action for Triunfo, Oak Park Water Service, and the partnership we are in with Las Virgenes Municipal Water District.  With the California drought, these are challenging times for water and water treatment agencies, but, because of that, there is a lot of innovation happening, too.

I’ll continue to let you know what is going on…

December 6th, 2014 · Conejo Valley, Elections, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Triuinfo Sanitation District, Ventura County, Water Issues

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A Bucket in the Shower? Why Not?

bucket.water.12.14.325I brought a little blue bucket home with me from the California Association of Water Agenices (ACWA) conference in San Diego this week,  that I attended as a board member of Triunfo Sanitation District.*  It seems one of the latest conservation frontiers is saving water that usually goes down the drain when we take a shower.

I’ll give it a try!  I haven’t schlepped shower water outside for irrigating plants before because I only had large, outdoor buckets from Do-It Center and they seemed like they would be too heavy to carry when filled with water, unless I took very, very short showers.

Have you joined the “shower bucket brigade?”  If so, how is it working for you?  Perhaps the most useful part of this exercise is that it really emphasizes to the person doing it, how precious our water is…

*Triunfo SD owns and operated Oak Park Water Service.


December 6th, 2014 · Oak Park, Triuinfo Sanitation District, Ventura County, Water Issues

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