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Rose Trellises Enhance Westlake Village’s Tasteful Target


How delightful to stroll through rose trellises!  However, as an elected director on a water board, it did occur to me that the garden along the walkway leading in and out of Target at the Shoppes at Westlake could have been composed of drought-resistant plants.

The garden at the Shoppes now is beautiful and does enhance the walking experience. But, I’ll bet if the shopping center had chosen to use waterwise planting, it also would have been beautiful.

July 26th, 2014 · Conejo Valley, Development, Westlake Village

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Tasteful Westlake Village Target Opened This Week

I have mentioned before how fancy I think the exterior of the new Target is in the new Shoppes at Westlake mall.

I stand by that opinion after stopping by early this morning to check out the inside of the store and see if there were any outrageously cheap opening specials.  No, I didn’t see any super-cheap items near the front door when I walked in, that screamed, “Buy me!”  And, actually, that was a relief because I was in a looking mode and not a buying mode.

I decided that the inside looks like any other Target, but how sweet that the outside has class to match the Westlake Village image.

Targetinterior.425.7.26.14Photo by Janna Orkney, 7-26-14.


July 26th, 2014 · Conejo Valley, Development, Westlake Village

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Passed by Running Teenagers on my Uphill Walk


I managed to get out the door by 7:30 this morning for my walk and was happy about it.  The temperature is climbing in the Conejo Valley, and I had started my walk at 9:00 yesterday and then turned around due to the heat.

So, today, I was feeling athletic, even virtuous, that I was getting some early-day exercise walking briskly around my Oak Park neighborhood.  Then I was on the hard part of my walking circuit, and started up a steep grade, breathing more deeply and facing the temptation to slow my pace a bit.  But, instead, I picked up my pace when I heard the sound of shoes slapping the pavement behind me.

I looked around, and there came 4 teenagers and an adult closing the gap between us.  The five soon passed by me.  I admire them!  Walking up the steep hill is a big deal to me and they made running up it look effortless!

On my way down the hill, I passed 2 of the party running up the hill again.  Wow!  I am still feeling virtuous for getting the exercise, but a lot less athletic…


July 25th, 2014 · Conejo Valley, Oak Park

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You Could Read About the Possibility of a T.O. Oak Chop in the 2010 Conejo Post


Reprint of post from August, 2010, to demonstrate that consequence of change in law were not hard to predict!

“As far as the oak trees, sad to say that as of February of this year (2010), the Thousand Oaks City Council voted 4-1 to ease the stringent regulations on oaks. (guess who the lone vote was?*) This now opens the door for removal of any oak that the city determines is owner-planted or non-native.

This could lead to hundreds, if not thousands of oak trees being removed, that were planted by developers who reached agreements with the city in a long-gone time when the city council was concerned about urban sprawl.
What does this say about TO’s commitment to the environment now?”

*The lone T.O. City Council member voting against ordinance and standing for the oaks was Claudia Bell de la Pena.

July 24th, 2014 · Green, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County

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Econerd’s Take on New California Law Allowing Brown Lawns


Econerd responds to news that Governor Brown just signed into law a bill that prohibits HOA’s from penalizing homeowners who let their lawns go brown while conserving water during a state drought:

“This isn’t going to sit well with some HOA boards and I’m sure that a few residents will now have their lawns go brown just to mess with the HOA.

Now if we could just convince the communities and public municipalities that they don’t need to keep planting turf and high-water-using species in the common areas (even if they are using the coveted ‘reclaimed’ water). The biggest complaint that I hear from residents is that people will dial down their sprinklers once the city gives them an example to follow.

The state capitol is brown and Getty has drained their pools but Westlake Village has medians that look like Disneyland. Kanan Road in Oak Park has a daily river due to the poor landscape design and communities continue to plant colorful ‘welcome’ annuals and tropicals that have no value aside from looking pretty. Water for aesthetics isn’t helping our community image these days and those that make the decisions need to realize that.”

July 24th, 2014 · California, Green, Oak Park, Ventura County, Water Issues, Westlake Village

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Where in the Conejo Valley Is This?

Photo by Janna Orkney

Photo by Janna Orkney

Here is a gateway to Thousand Oaks,

With a sign and falling water.

It is on a major thoroughfare,

Can you say where?

July 24th, 2014 · Conejo Valley, Thousand Oaks, Where in the Conejo Valley?

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Governor Brown Down with Brown (Lawns, that is!)

Capitol.Sacramento.10.12.425Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 2100, which prohibits Homeowner Associations from fining residents in California for having brown lawns during droughts.  This law encouraging water conservation went into effect this Monday, July 21, according to a story on KFI AM 640,  in Los Angeles.

So, we can turn off our taps, and plan the next step of removing our lawns, using rebate funds for that purpose from Metropolitan Water District, with an extra $1/square foot from Calleguas MWD if you live in south and east Ventura County…

Please note that I took the photo of the state capitol in 2012.  The capitol lawn in now brown.

July 23rd, 2014 · California, Green, Water Issues

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Econerd Warns Home Citrus Growers to check for Citrus Psyllids

Sign at Ventura fruit stand.  Photo by Janna Orkney

Sign at Ventura fruit stand. Photo by Janna Orkney

Econerd weighs in on the CP post that Ventura County is the source of 70% of lemons in U.S.:

“That’s a good reason to check and recheck your citrus trees for the Asian citrus psyllid that vectors the HLB disease. A look at the Florida citrus production numbers since HLB took hold in 2005 shows the seriousness of the disease. In four short years 60,000 acres were lost along with 6,600 jobs, a $1.3 billion loss directly to farmers and a $3.6 billion economic loss in citrus related activities.

On a lighter note, most know that strawberries are our number one crop followed by lemons but can you guess what the #3 crop was last year? You might be surprised!”  Link to: Ventura County Farm Bureau.

July 23rd, 2014 · Economy, Green, Ventura County

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