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Getting Sworn in for Four More Years of Service as a Triunfo Sanitation District Board Member


This Fall, it was easy to run for a board seat again at Triunfo Sanitation District.  That is because no candidates stepped up to challenge me or fellow incumbents, Mike McReynolds and Steve Iceland.  So, we were appointed “in lieu” of election by the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.

In the photo, we are getting sworn in by Triunfo Clerk of the Board, Josie Guzman at our board meeting on November 24.

Yes, continuing on the board was much easier this year compared to fall of 2010, when there was a field of 13 running for 3 seats!  Happily, I received more votes than the other candidates by quite a margin back then!  So, I assume it would have been fun to run again this fall and be able to get water and water treatment issues discussed in The Acorn, but sometimes, you just get to take it easy.

Please know that I am grateful for another 4 years!  I will do my best to consider and work for beneficial courses of action for Triunfo, Oak Park Water Service, and the partnership we are in with Las Virgenes Municipal Water District.  With the California drought, these are challenging times for water and water treatment agencies, but, because of that, there is a lot of innovation happening, too.

I’ll continue to let you know what is going on…

December 6th, 2014 · Conejo Valley, Elections, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Triuinfo Sanitation District, Ventura County, Water Issues

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A Bucket in the Shower? Why Not?

bucket.water.12.14.325I brought a little blue bucket home with me from the California Association of Water Agenices (ACWA) conference in San Diego this week,  that I attended as a board member of Triunfo Sanitation District.*  It seems one of the latest conservation frontiers is saving water that usually goes down the drain when we take a shower.

I’ll give it a try!  I haven’t schlepped shower water outside for irrigating plants before because I only had large, outdoor buckets from Do-It Center and they seemed like they would be too heavy to carry when filled with water, unless I took very, very short showers.

Have you joined the “shower bucket brigade?”  If so, how is it working for you?  Perhaps the most useful part of this exercise is that it really emphasizes to the person doing it, how precious our water is…

*Triunfo SD owns and operated Oak Park Water Service.


December 6th, 2014 · Oak Park, Triuinfo Sanitation District, Ventura County, Water Issues

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My Insurance Agent, With Her Hawk, Sign Me Up for a Policy

Yes, a hawk witnessed my signing up for insurance this afternoon!  The hawk was Duchess, a goshawk owned by Calabasas resident, Cynthia Maxwell, who is not only my health insurance agent, but also a registered falconer.

Cynthia was giving her hunting hawk some people and handling time, and it coincided with me filling out my insurance policy application.  Of course, Duchess decided to flap her wings when there was loose paper all over the table, causing it to fly around and land on the floor!

That was just fine with me, because it was so special for me to be sitting across the table from this beautiful raptor.  Thank you, Cynthia, for this experience!

Incidentally, Cynthia has been very helpful to me over the years in choosing which health insurance policies are most advantageous for me and I recommend her.


December 6th, 2014 · Calabasas, Conejo Valley

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Rock Wall Sings with Subtle Color


If walls could sing, this one would create beautiful harmony.

Photo is detail of wall on the mysterious blue-trimmed house on Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

November 30th, 2014 · Meditations

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Rain is Falling!

Rainbird.325.11.14Let’s turn off our automatic sprinkler systems, since rain is falling now in the Conejo Valley, and more predicted for Southern California on Monday and Tuesday.

Besides, it is against drought ordinances in most water districts right now, to water within 24 hours of a “rain event,” which translates as more rain than light showers.  That will help us conserve our precious potable water.

I am so happy and love hearing the rain on the roof!

November 30th, 2014 · Conejo Valley, Water Issues

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Mysterious Blue Trimmed House in Woodland Hills Sells

The blue-trimmed house with the quirky cactus garden in Woodland Hills is changing owners.  It is located where Mulholland Highway meets Topanga Canyon Boulevard and over the years it has been a delight for me to take in the garden and home when I drive past.  I have always marveled at the owner’s creativity in combining cactus with weeping angel statues in the garden and juxtapositioning the house’s mailbox  with a classic-looking statue of a hunky male.

I thank the garden creator for this prelude and postlude to my trips over Topanga Canyon, coming or going to PCH, and his or her generosity in leaving it open for all to see.

The “sold” sign is now attached to the real estate sign, and I have to wonder, along with reader, “Dances in the Rain,” (see comment link on left of page), what the new owner will do with this home that has turned into a beloved landmark.

November 30th, 2014 · Uncategorized

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Classic Ford on Neighborhood Street


On a neighborhood stroll in Mountain View (Googletown) a few weeks ago, I passed this old Ford parked on the street.  I was intrigued with the finish where the paint had been brushed off and the colors morphed into tones of silver, bronze and rust.

The truck’s backend reminds me of a 50’s commercial…”It’s a Ford!” Link to Youtube video of commercial:

Link to Ford TV commercial from the 1950s, on YouTube:

November 28th, 2014 · Meditations, Uncategorized

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HappyThanksgiving, and, Let’s Let Go of “Perfect Pictures”

To all Conejo Post readers, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

May we realize that somtimes we experience really good holiday celebrations, and other times, not so good.  But, no matter what our circumstances are this Thanksgiving, let’s let  it be OK.

Wishing you the best with many blessings…

Janna Orkney, Editor

Thanksgiving It Is

Reprinted  from Conejo Post Archives, November 24, 2009, with editing

Is the turkey ready?

I was thinking back to Thanksgivings past, and what struck me was the variety of them all.  Yes, I have experienced the stereotype of a multi-generational family gathered around a packed table of turkey, dressing, gravy and cranberry jelly,  sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and green beans, but how often have I experienced the holiday in full stereotype?

In thinking about past holidays, it surprised me to realize that more often than not, I have celebrated a variation of the traditional picture.

When I was young, it definitely was the full family-press, with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  We cousins got reacquainted, as our moms and grandma scurried in the kitchen to get all the mouth-watering food on the table warm and ready to eat, at the same time.  Our dads and grandpa talked football, and then ate so much that they had to lay down on the floor after dinner, holding their stomachs!

But, as I grew up, things changed.  I have experienced Thanksgiving with just my immediate family of husband and children, to larger gatherings including some friends and family , and then sometimes just friends, or just me attending a church dinner or other gathering.

There have been a variety of life circumstances too.  Sometimes I have done most of the cooking (perhaps you can tell by my full list of what should be on the dining table!)  and sometimes I have been a kitchen helper.  And, I have had Thanksgiving when there has been great bounty in my life, and other times when finances were tight.

Why am I sharing this?  Because we all get “perfect pictures” in our heads of how a holiday should be, and can make ourselves feel pretty miserable if our experience do not match up  to these images.

So, why don’t we go easy on ourselves this holiday?

What I am realizing now is that most all of my Thanksgivings have been good, whether matching perfect pictures or not, and I am much happier if I stay in the moment, rather than comparing where I am to a touched-up photo in a magazine.  Plus, there has always been something to be thankful for.  Maybe I had a little trouble seeing that at the time, but in retrospect,I do see it.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving, and now, if you will please pass me the squirt whipped cream (in the cannister) to put on a piece of pumpkin pie…

November 26th, 2014 · Uncategorized

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