Sierra Club Response to Head of Fish and Game Commission’s Mountain Lion Hunting Trip to Idaho

The California Sierra Club posted the following statement by Jim Metropulos on Feburary 24, in regard to Dan Richards, President of the California Fish and Game Commission:

“We believe that Mr. Richards’ actions have shown that he cannot effectively serve, especially as President, on the Commission. His actions, while legal in Idaho, show utter contempt for Californians that he has sworn to serve.

“Should Mr. Richards fail to heed the Assembly’s request to resign, Sierra Club California urges the Legislature to remove him by passing a resolution dismissing him. While the Governor appoints the members of Commission, only the Legislature may remove them.”

“We do not have any confidence in Mr. Richards’ ability to be involved in setting policy or making decisions regarding the management of California’s fish and wildlife resources or protecting California’s endangered species. We thank Assemblymember Ben Hueso for his leadership and for calling other legislators’ attention to Mr. Richards’ actions.”

Link to statement on website:  Jim Metropulos statement for Sierra Club, 2-24-12

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