Triunfo Sanitation Turned Down for Seat on Ventura Regional Sanitation District Board

Yeah…Triunfo Sanitation District, the board I serve on (and was just elected Chairman), sent a letter to the Ventura Regional Sanitation District board last July, requesting a seat on their board.  We asked for it because VRSD supplies our admin and operations staff through a contract, and we thought it would be a good thing to have a say on their policies.

Well, that is not to be, because the VRSD board decided at a special goal setting meeting on February 8, to deny the request.  A letter from their attorney says that VRSD wanted all the 6 special districts that VRSD serves, to agree on whether or not we should have a seat, along with the 8 cities already represented on their board.  Since the 6 districts did not agree (and how many times can you get a unanimous vote on something a little controversial), they denied our request.  And, representatives of the 6 districts meet once a year to ratify the current rotating VRSD board member, that represents all districts.  That is the only purpose of the committee…not to gather infoor consensus for issues.

The timing is interesting, because the Triunfo contract with VRSD is up for consideration in the spring of 2014.  It is also interesting because Triunfo contributes around $3 million to VRSD’s income stream every year, which makes us a large contributor, compared to other entities.

Link to letter from VRSD’s attorney, regarding turning down request for board seat:  August, 2011, post:

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  1. Barbara Schwartz says:

    Why would the VRSD want you on their board when they are busy making $505,000 billing mistakes in our district?

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