Channel 7 News Truck in Oak Park at 4:15 PM Today

Driving north on Kanan Road in Oak Park at around 4:15 this afternoon, I noticed a big blue truck with a dish on top, parked on an adjacent frontage road.  I stopped, and took these photos of the Channel 7 News truck.  I asked the camera man what the story was, as he putting the camera and other items back in the truck.

He said it was a domestic situation, and not a big story.  I guess the big story, is the truck was on Kanan.  The news is the news!

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2 Responses to Channel 7 News Truck in Oak Park at 4:15 PM Today

  1. Nick Quidwai says:

    Yup so much of the precious resources are dedicated to these none stories & even when covered they are dropped like a dead duck Case in point young 19 y old Abdul Arian with 92 shots fired on 101 Woodland Hills Google search shows NO story 10 days Wont print my Op-ed as dead story!!

  2. Leyla says:

    Sure it was about the man who has disappeared since Tuesday, heard it on the radio. Got in his car and hasn’t been seen since.

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