Thought-Provoking Seminars and Tempting Books at the VC Book and Author Fair Saturday

It is hard enough for me to hang on to my wallet in Barnes and Noble, but I faced an even more severe test of my  frugality at the Ventura County Book and Author Fair, yesterday.  Why?  Because, not only was the fair filled with new and interesting books, but the authors were selling them!  There were over 40 tables, some with multiple authors and their books.  I had to strongly fight the temptation to buy every book there, after talking with the authors!

I was like a kid in Toys ‘R Us, going from table to table and inspecting the books and talking to their creators. For instance,  I got to meet Margaret Brownley of Simi Valley, who is an awared-winning romance writer, and chat with Sheli Ellsworth, whose byline I often see in the VC Star.  I also visited with comedy writer Linda Perret, who sold her father’s books on that genre, while he was making a presentation.  Gene Perret is a Westlake Village resident, and wrote for Bob Hope, as did his daughter.

I couldn’t resist buying Ellen Reid’s book, “Putting your Best Book Forward,” on book shepharding (I didn’t even know what that was, till yesterday).  Ellen’s friendly dog was at here booth, too, and 2 service dogs were at Lisa Mink’s table, along with her book, “Koko the Service Dog.”  I so enjoyed visiting with Camarillo children’s book author, Lisa Day, and walked away with her book, “The adventures of Penelope Desiree Mountclair,” under my arm.

There were so many other wonderful books and their authors, I have just mentioned a few.  In being able to talk to authors, it was often the luck of the draw, in that so many participants did not sit at their tables all the time, because they were also presenting in book readings or in seminars throughout the day.  As for seminars, I especially liked the one on social media, with PR consultant Flo Selfman, author and funny person, Anita Reinsma, and Heather Schmidt of the Ventura County Writers Club.  (Stay tuned for more social networking at the Conejo Post.)

Commendations to event coordinator Kate Sexton and to  the Pacific Institute for Professional Writing (PIPW) for putting on this interesting and information book fair at Camarillo’s Pleasant Valley Community Park.

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  1. I would have loved to be there if I’d known. Next year for sure. My book, Branches on the Conejo: Leaving the Soil After Five Generations, is almost sold out, but I have a couple of boxes left. It’s already on out-of-print booksites for $45. But I’ll sell them until they’re gone. See you next November–or sooner if I get down from SLO County to your area sooner.
    EDITOR: Anne’s book, “Branches on the Conejo,” is the best personal history of the Conejo Valley that I know. I highly recommend it! You can buy it through our Conejo Valley Bookstore page…just scroll down to list of books about the Conejo Valley. I can’t find my copy, and have to get another one before they are sold out.

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