“Dark Skies” Law for Rural L.A. County, Expected to be Passed in Early 2012

A law controlling night lighting in rural, unincorporated Los Angeles County, is looking like it will be approved by the L.A. County Supervisors early next year.  That is according to an 11/14 article in the Daily News.  The “Dark Skies” ordinance, as it is called, has already been approved by the L.A. Regional Planning Commission.  The law mandates downward-facing lights for outdoor facilities like ball fields, and also says that light from a house or business cannot “tresspass” to another’s property.

Locally, the lighting law would apply to areas of the Santa Monica Mountains, including Agoura.  To read the full article by Dakota Smith, go to:  Daily News, 11-14-11, Dark Skies Ordinance.  From a May post about Zev Yarowslavski, you can read that the ordinance was originally expected to be implemented sooner than next year:  www.conejopost.com/archives/7452

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