The Westlake Promenade Christmas Tree Lighting Happens on this Friday Evening

And, not only the annual tree lighting at the Westlake Promenade in Thousand Oaks is scheduled for Friday (11-18), but a fireworks show, too!  It happens at 7:30, and the announcement from the Promenade says Santa Claus will be there, and a presentation, “So You Think You’re a Holiday Idol.”

Sounds fun!  From a sociological standpoint, what I find interesting is the religion has been taken out of the announcement.  I guess that is because we have folks from many different religious traditions living in the Conejo Valley. So, the Promenade announcement refers to a “Tree Lighting Ceremony,” and a “Holiday Idol.”

Talking of the approaching holidays, a few weeks ago, I heard someone say, “It’s Halloween, so it must be Christmas!”  Makes sense to me from the displays I am seeing in stores, already.

Photo taken Wednesday, 11-16-2011.


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